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My 1st movie!!!

2008-01-31 15:55:51 by Badman44

I just finished up working on my first movie ever. The name of it is Resident Evil: Vol. 1. I submitted it into the portal not to long ago, you should all go and check it out and leave me some feedback for my future movies.


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2008-02-09 19:41:23

I think you are good,better than me.Make another.

Badman44 responds:

I will be making more. The next is due out in February/ March. Booyah.


2008-03-02 21:23:55

Your good but if you do another add bad voice acting for the first one. If you need any help with that i got you covered.

Badman44 responds:

Yeah I have no idea where to start on voice acting. Am i supposed to get a program or something for it?